Cascading Flow Chart

One or more elements supports the Strategic Goal 5: Promote Effective and Efficient Management and Stewardship

One or more elements supports the Strategic Goal 4: Advance Scientific Knowledge and Innovation

201/HR Management Series 
203/HR Assistance Series 
301/Misc. Administration and Program Series 
301/Ethics Specialist 
301/Presidential Management Fellow 
301/Staff Assistant 
303/Administrative Technician 
303/Lab Manager and Assistant 
303/Program Assistant 
326/Office Automation Clerical and Assistance Series 
341/Administrative Officer Series 
341/Executive Officer 
343/Management Analysis Series 
501/Grants Financial Analyst 
560/Budget Officer or Analyst 
801/General Engineering Series 
802/Engineering Technician 
830/Mechanical Engineering Series 
1102/Contracting Series 
1105/Purchasing Series 
1410/Library Series 
1411/Library Technician Series 
1412/Technical Information Specialist 
1550/Computer Science Series 
2010/Inventory Management Series 
2210/Information Technology Management Series 
Varies/Web Editors & Managers 
Varies/Technology Transfer Coordinators
180/Psychology Series 
401/Senior Investigator 
403/Microbiology Series 
404/Research Assistant & Senior Research Assistant 
440/Genetics Series 
601/Scientific Review Administrator, Health Scientist Administrator, Program Official, Project Officer 
601/Health Science Policy & Science Program Analyst 
601/Supervisory Scientific Review Administrator 
602/Clinical Fellow/Research Fellow 
602/Medical Officer Series 
602/Staff Clinician 
610/Clinical Nurse Specialist 
610/Clinical Research Nurse 
640/Health Aid and Technician Series 
644/Medical or Research Technologist 
647/MRI Technologist 
647/Diagnostic Radiologic Technician Series 
685/Public Health Program Specialist 
701/Veterinary Medical Science Series 
858/Biomedical Engineering Series 
1035/Public Affairs Series 
1082/Writing and Editing Series 
1083/Technical Writing and Editing Series 
1101/Grants Specialist 
1320/Chemistry Series 
1529/Mathematical Statistician Series 
1530/Statistician Series 
Varies/Staff Scientist

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