Determining Strategic Goals or Objectives for Each Critical Element

When developing SES/Senior Title 42 performance plans, each program element must be aligned with a “Strategic Goal or Objective” that is identified on the performance plan form. Performance plans may be derived from, aligned with, or linked to one or more of the following:

  • HHS, NIH, and/or IC Strategic Plans
  • Secretarial Initiatives
  • OPDIV Initiatives
  • High Priority Performance Goals (in Presidents Budget)

All critical elements in direct or indirect support of scientific research can use Goal 4: Scientific Research and Development - Advance scientific and biomedical research and development related to health and human services. The four broad objectives under this goal are cited below. You can use Goal 4 overall or any specific objective within this goal.

Objective 4.1: Strengthen the pool of qualified health and behavioral science researchers;

Objective 4.2: Increase basic scientific knowledge to improve human health and human development;

Objective 4.3: Conduct and oversee applied research to improve health and well-being; and

Objective 4.4: Communicate and transfer research results into clinical, public health, and human service practice.

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