Pitfalls to Avoid When Appraising an Employee

  • Don't focus on one specific incident - review the entire period which the appraisal covers
  • Don't go solely by memory - base the review on accurate and factual data
  • Avoid the "halo" and "horns" effects. Just because the employee performs badly in one area does not make his/her overall performance bad. The same goes for good performance.
  • Length of service or an employee’s grade does not necessarily mean better performance.
  • Avoid bias about an employee based on your personal feelings for that individual.
  • Don't confuse current performance on past performance. Look at the current period being reviewed.
  • Don't overrate a poor performer as a motivational tool.
  • Don't rush through the appraisal. Take time to record accurate information which truly reflects the individual's performance.
  • Don't be afraid to provide truthful information.

For guidance on how to address performance deficiencies, contact the Employee Relations Team in the Office of Human Resources.

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