NIH Mid-level Leadership Program


The NIH is committed to playing an active role in advancing the skills of mid-level staff serving as front-line leaders. In addition to providing a collection of junior professional development as well as senior and executive leadership programs, the NIHTC offers a multifaceted, mid-level leadership development program that builds an effective bridge between senior leadership and junior staff. In filling this gap, the Mid-level Leadership Program provides a core component to a deliberate continuum of leadership development for inspired NIH staff.

Program Features and Structure

  1. An orientation and six 2-day training sessions taking place over a period of eight months
  2. Cohort size of 26-30 participants
  3. Initial 360-degree feedback, Myers-Briggs Type personality type indicator (MBTI), Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument, and Emotional Intelligence assessments
  4. Two hours personal coaching to review 360-degree feedback and define your specific developmental areas (included in base price)
  5. Leadership development plans
  6. On-the-job assignments to apply learning in the workplace between sessions
  7. Assigned reading articles to support continuous development
  8. Program session summaries to engage supervisors in participant development
  9. Sessions hosted at NIH Training Center or NIH main campus

This program is structured to assess your leadership readiness and provide feedback and developmental guidance. It incorporates a variety of instructional approaches, and makes available reinforcement activities following program completion.

Tuition: $5089

Content and Current Cohort Program Schedule

Rather than targeting technical supervisory skills, which are addressed through OPM-mandated Supervisory Training, the program will emphasize the following leadership developmental areas:

  1. Self-awareness and fulfilling the leadership function
  2. Understanding and collaborating with others
  3. Strategic business acumen

Note: The program also complements the NIH Leadership and Management competency group.


Current supervisory and non-supervisory GS-12/13/14 and equivalents

GS-12 and equivalents: One year NIH experience. None required for GS-13/14.
Must have received at least AE – Achieved Expected Results on recent PMAP.

Selection Process: Individual nominations are vetted at the IC Executive Office level. Nominations are then forwarded to the NIH Training Center for priority placement.

The NIH Training Center is pleased to announce two more series for NIH’s Mid-level Leadership Program (MLP) - both to begin in September 2018. ICs can submit a prioritized list of nominees waitlisted from the October 2017 call for nominations. If you are an interested participant, then please contact your IC’s POC for clarification.

Future MLP Series
Please note that we will solicit an NIH-wide call for nominations again this Fall for the Mid-level Leadership Program and Senior Leadership Program, for MLP sessions beginning most likely as early as January 2019.

Contact Information

Bob Michon
Mid-level Leadership Program Manager
NIH Training Center
Phone: 301-496-0264