Natcher - NIH Training Center

The NIH Training Center on campus is in Building 45, the Natcher Conference Center. Classrooms are on the first floor near the cafeteria.



Take the Red Line to the Medical Center Station. When you arrive, the escalators will take you directly to NIH campus.

Walking to Natcher

  • Exit the metro. At the top of the escalators you will see the NIH Visitor /Gateway Center.
  • Go to the left up the stairs.
  • Walk through a turnstile. You will need your NIH ID.
  • Follow the sidewalk. There will be a sign pointing towards Natcher.

After about 30-40 yards, you will see the building on your left. The building is characterized by a wide sweeping curvature of glass windows.

Glass Window Building

Our classrooms are located on the first floor adjacent to the cafeteria. To enter, walk through the main eating area to the far end and look for our entrance on the left. Signs will be posted for assistance.

If you enter through the side door, you must walk past the conference center first. It’s a curved walkway.


If you’re traveling from outside campus, you can ride one of NIH shuttle services. It will drop you off at the metro stop (usually the first stop once inside campus). You can catch a campus shuttle from there or walk to Natcher.


If you drive to campus, the Natcher Conference Center has its own parking garage. To park here, you must:

  • Have an NIH Parking Permit
  • Go through an additional security checkpoint. Drive through the tented checkpoint that’s located a block away. It’s near Lister Hill (Building 38A). After your car is checked, you will receive a parking slip to enter the garage. We recommend that you allow an additional 15 minutes of travel time so you’re not late for class.
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