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Starting Sept. 26, 2022, NIH eOPF users should log into eOPF using their PIV card.


The electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) allows each NIH employee to view their records online through an HHS connected computer. Documents in eOPF include notification of personnel actions (SF-50s), position descriptions, health and life insurance election forms, designation of beneficiary forms, and much more.

Employee actions

  • Ensure your federal service records are accurate and complete.
  • Monitor records such as beneficiary forms, health/life insurance forms, and SF-50s.
  • View and/or print documents at any time from an HHS network connected computer.
    • Documents can include:
      • Position Descriptions
      • Health and Life Insurance election forms
      • Designation of Beneficiary forms
      • and much more!

Login issues

Contact the OPM Help Desk at eopfhelpdesk@opm.gov or 1-866-275-8518.

    User guides


    This document provides a list of documents that are filed in the OPF and a list of documents that should not be filed in the OPF. These lists are not all-inclusive and are in adherence to OPM's Guide to Personnel Recordkeeping

    For an all inclusive list and the most updated information, refer to OPM’s Master List

    System maintenance

    The following weekend schedule will repeat monthly:
    • Week 1: Sunday 12:01 am ET thru Sunday 6pm ET.
    • Week 2: Sunday 12:01 am ET thru Sunday 6pm ET.
    • Week 3: Sunday 12:01 am ET thru Sunday noon ET.
    • Week 4: Sunday 12:01 am ET thru Sunday noon ET.
    • Week 5 (when applicable): Sunday 12:01 am ET thru Sunday noon ET.

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