NIH Performance Liaisons

IC Contact Email
CC Heather Bryant
Charlotte Pak
CIT Stephanie Benjamin
Sharon Abdullah
CSR Sandra Lewis
Lisa Klingensmith
FIC Marcia Smith
NCATS Rebekah Geiger
Nicholas Dicrosta
Louis Choporis
NCCIH Rebecca Coca
Ginger Betson
NCI Karen Levine
Susan Greenhouse
NIMHD Carlene Neil-Allman
NEI Yireiza Williams
NHGRI Anita Whitehurst
NHLBI Craig Hutton
Courney Addis
NIA Jill Beklik
Karleigh Price
Tonia Purkoski
NIAAA Amy Matush
Dan Smyth
NIAID Desi Conway
Bryam Dillner
NIAMS Sharon Glass
NICHD Jessica Wu
Deserae Philpott
NIDA Gloria Dabbondanza
Manny Rodriguez
NIDCD Tiffany Calvert
Lynne Penn
Lisa Portnoy

NIDCR Carol Beasley
Tamera Addison
Angelica Gomez
NIDDK Caroline Hrvoj
Camila Torella
Katie Tucker
Crystal Littlefield
NIGMS Claudia Gonzalez
NIMH Kristine Allred
Sharita Thomas
NINR Debra Thangarajah
Darius Bickham
Paula Stonebanks
NINDS Joanne Pomponio
Mary Ann Sofranko
NLM Amy Powers
OD Allison Kruszewski
Cheryl Clarke (OM only)

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