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Important Dates

FY 2023 Executive Performance Plan Mid-Year Progress Reviews

20 Apr

Certify Completion of Executive Mid-Year Progress Reviews to the Executive Performance Management Team

FY 2023 SES/SL Special Act Awards Call

08 Jun Email FY 2023 SES/SL Special Act Awards nominations to the Executive Performance Management Team

Please contact the Executive Performance Management Team with questions.

News and Announcements

FY 2022 Presidential Rank Award Winners Are In!

The PRA is one of the most prestigious awards in the federal career civil service, and these awards are critical to recognizing the hard work and essential contributions of dedicated civil servants in the American federal workforce. President Joe Biden picked 233 winners across 33 different agencies for the 2022 awards program for their exceptional leadership, accomplishments, and service over an extended period. These individuals are all members of the Senior Executive Service (SES), Senior-Level (SL), and Scientific and Professional (ST) corps. Join us in congratulating NIH's two winners! NIH’s winners are highlighted below, and all winners may be viewed at the .

FY 2022 NIH Presidential Rank Award Winners:

  • Ms. Julie Broussard Berko, MPA
  • Mr. Alexander Rosenthal, M.S., M.B.A.


SES Forum Series – Strategic Thinking “Outside In”

The Executive Resources Division (EXRD) Office of Human Resources launches the 2023 Senior Executive Service Forum Series on June 13, 2023, from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM EDT for career and noncareer Senior Executive Service members. The forum will focus on the Leading Change ECQ and the Strategic Thinking competency.  The Keynote Speaker, Jorge Casimiro, is NIKE, Inc.’s Vice President and Chief Public Policy & Social Impact Officer, as well as President of the NIKE Foundation; he leads an experienced and diverse team driving NIKE’s global government relations, public affairs, and social impact strategies to accelerate growth and create shared value for society. Jorge will share his experiences and achievements in Strategic Thinking “Outside In.”

To join the virtual live-streaming forum, register via the LMS.

2023 AAGEN Leadership Workshop

The Asian American Government Executives (AAGEN) is hosting Forging Leadership Resiliency on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, at the Partnership for Public Service. Join other professionals and leaders across the government for a professional development training event with interactive panel discussions focused on developing leadership resiliency to build a strong and healthy workforce.
Come for individual advice from Senior Executives in the Coaching/Resume Review sessions and hear inspiring AANHPI leaders from the White House and other federal agencies share their leadership stories and career advice. Visit the AAGEN site to register for this event.

Inclusive Leadership in Action: Addressing DEIA Systemically

In this highly interactive course, you’ll explore what it means to lead inclusively from “the inside out.” Start by analyzing your biases, mindsets, beliefs, and behaviors to help you lead inclusively better. Using tools such as systems mapping, you’ll analyze the organizational systems and structures that need examining to create and sustain inclusive cultures. Limited seats are available for the June 26-29 session, and registration is open for the September 25-28 session.

Aligns to the 2023 Performance Requirement - Integrates diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility as a key strategic mission and operation priority at all levels of the organization, which supports and champions the Department’s commitment by aligning policies and practices that:

  • Promote access and equity through staff selection and promotion;
  • Create an inclusive, equitable, and open working environment by empowering others and encouraging diversity of thought;
  • Develop and implements initiatives to strengthen DEIA; and
  • Promote learning and development opportunities to advance cultural competence/DEIA.

Visit the OPM site to register for this event.

Senior Executive Orientation Briefing: Being Future Ready - Leading America's Workforce

Join other Senior Executive colleagues to discuss emerging trends in the strategic environment, gain practical advice on new Senior Executives' unique enterprise leadership challenges, and examine the career SES role as the major link between top Presidential appointees and the rest of the Federal workforce. Executives appointed to the SES within the last three years, who have not attended an orientation, consider attending the August 4, 2023 session.

Visit the OPM site to register for this event.

Monthly Medicare 101 Webinars

Learn more about Medicare basics and how FEHB coordinates with Medicare, and have the opportunity to ask questions at the conclusion. Register for this event.

Looking Ahead: Executive Resources Division (EXRD) Training

Stay tuned for more information on the following summer and fall training sessions that will be explored:

  • Serving on a Performance Review Board (PRB)
  • Writing Self-Assessments for Impact
  • Performance Closing and Opening 
  • Presidential Rank Awards Justifications
  • Flash Mentoring for Aspiring SES

Performance Management

USA Performance (USAP)
An automated performance management system for SES and Senior-Level Title 42 executives.

Executive Performance Management - Awards and Recognition
Information on the executive performance cycle and the various award programs.


The Senior Executive Service (SES) covers managerial, supervisory, and policy positions classified above GS-15. Compensation is through a performance-based pay system.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has overall authority for the SES program. They provide oversight and assistance to HHS and NIH.

SES Information and Guidance

Candidate Development Program

The Candidate Development Program (CDP), is a tool used to identify and prepare aspiring senior executive leaders. 

This program is not offered on a regular basis. When the application period is open, HHS and other sponsoring agencies will post opportunities on USAJobs. If interested, you may apply to the program.

Vacancies and Rotational Opportunities

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