Division of Senior and Scientific Executive Management (DSSEM)


Kha Nguyen, Division Director

Areas of responsibility

Delivers lifecycle human resources management to the NIH executive population to include Political Appointees, members of the Senior Executive Service, IC Directors, Deputy Directors, Scientific and Clinical Directors, Executive Officers, and all Senior Level Direct Reports to the Director, NIH.


DSSEM supports three functional areas:

Executive Recruitment

  • Executive sourcing, recruitment, classification, and selection service for executive level positions. 
  • Advises NIH senior leadership and search committee members on current law and policy.

Executive Performance Management

  • Advise and train executives and rating officials on the Executive Performance Management system.  
  • Coordinate and manage the annual performance evaluation cycle used to determine executive bonuses and pay raises. 

Executive Onboarding & Talent Management

  • Enable successful transitions for new executives into the NIH culture.  Helping executives navigate the organization and build stronger working relationships that allow them to do their jobs more effectively.  
  • Manage and track executive requirements to ensure the executive community is operating in compliance with HHS and OPM regulations.