Compensation and Policy Division (CPD)


Lauren Tedesco, Division Director

Areas of responsibility

  • Develops, administers, and evaluates policy and programs in Title 42 Employment and Compensation, Title 5/Title 38 Compensation, and Title 5 Staffing,
  • Provides guidance to NIH leadership/management, OHR leadership/management, OHR Divisions and IC officials, and
  • Responds to a variety of precedent-setting, controversial, and/or sensitive HR issues and cases that arise from outside and inside the NIH, including the NIH OD and ICs. 


CPD is comprised of three units:

Title 42 Employment and Compensation Unit

Wendy Winter, Chief

  • Serves as a principal source to NIH and the ICs for interpretation, guidance, and program and policy development regarding NIH’s use of certain scientific appointing authorities under Title 42,
  • Assesses and identifies programmatic problems, legal, regulatory, and policy requirements, and constraints that impact Title 42 appointments and pay,
  • Advises on Title 42 issues, develops and analyzes options, and provides policy and procedural recommendations to resolve difficult problems and address NIH’s needs, and
  • Develops processes and implementation instructions.

Title 5/Title 38 Compensation Unit

Alex Knobel, Chief

  • Administers NIH Compensation programs that include Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentives (3Rs), Physicians Comparability Allowance (PCA), Title 38 Physicians and Dentist Pay (PDP), Title 38 pay for Allied Health Positions, Superior Qualifications and Special Needs Pay,  Highest Previous Rate, Special Salary Rates, Waivers of Overpayment, and the Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP),
  • Conducts reviews of NIH Title 5 and Title 38 Compensation activities to assess compliance, and
  • Develops and provides guidance on NIH manual chapters and delegations of authority related to Title 5/Title 38 compensation.

Title 5 Staffing and Accountability Branch

Sharlis Anthony, Chief

  • Provides guidance and interpretation on Title 5 employment mechanisms, laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies,
  • Conducts reviews and audits of NIH Title 5 employment activities to assess compliance with governing authorities,
  • Provides advice and guidance on the facilitation of Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) assignments and Details, as well as on dual compensation waiver requests for reemployed annuitants, and
  • Coordinates with OHR Divisions on the development, revision, and management of NIH manual chapters and delegations of authority.