Office of Communications and Strategy (OCS)


Vacant, Director

The Office of Communications and Strategy (OCS) is responsible for a robust portfolio of organizational strategy, communications, and data analytics efforts for OHR. In addition, OCS manages special projects, special assistance, and administrative support for the Director and Deputy Director of OHR.

Areas of responsibility

  • Facilitates communication that is both internal to OHR and external to NIH through a variety of channels.
  • Fosters a data-driven organization through a variety of initiatives to enhance accessibility to data, comprehensive data storytelling, and cross-organizational analytics.
  • Maintains alignment of organizational priorities through various strategic initiatives and assessment activities.
  • Supports change management efforts at both the OHR and NIH levels.
  • Enhances the NIH community’s customer experience with OHR and the OHR employee experience through communication, branding, data, and strategic efforts.


OCS is comprised of an immediate office team as well as three branches:

OCS Immediate Office

  • Offers strategic guidance to the Director and Deputy Director of OHR.
  • Ensures coordinated support for all OHR programs through various communications and strategy channels.
  • Provides project management, management analysis, and administrative support for OCS.
  • Conducts project support, coordination, staffing, and management analysis for OHR Director/Deputy, as well as OHR initiatives, projects, and committees.
  • Responsible for routing personnel packages from across OHR to various members of OHR and NIH leadership.
  • Coordinates responses to controlled correspondence from across OHR.

Communications and Branding Branch (CBB)

Lesley Cothran, Branch Chief

Leads internal and external communication activities for OHR, manages the internal OHR Brand and external NIH recruitment brand (Discover What’s Next at the NIH), coordinates program activities that support OHR customer experience efforts, and directly supports the OHR Director and Deputy Director for special events.

Data Strategy and Analytics Branch (DSAB)

Orlando Rivera-Hernandez, Branch Chief

Co-leads OHR’s Strategy for a Data Culture, which seeks to align our data, our people, our processes, and our technology through a variety of change management and cultural development initiatives. In addition, this branch conducts a variety of data analytics and visualization efforts; supports OHR’s internal survey design, implementation, and analysis; and more.

Organizational Strategy and Assessments Branch (OSAB)

Joseph Ciaravella, Branch Chief

Leads the execution of the OHR Strategic Lifecycle, which includes the overall OHR Strategic Plan, Year in Review program, executive and senior level performance management, and more. Executes assessments, evaluations, and benchmarking projects to achieve continuous organizational improvement and accountability, while supporting a variety of NIH-level special projects.