HR Systems, Analytics, and Information Division (HR SAID)


Phil Day, Division Director

Areas of responsibility

  • Serves as advisor to NIH leadership on HR systems solutions for NIH business needs;
  • Provides project management for enterprise HR systems and functional aspects of OHR public and internal web sites and web presence;
  • Provides systems training and support services for NIH customers;
  • Analyzes HR metrics/benchmarks, internal OHR business practices, processes, and programs;
  • Supports business standardization efforts for OHR;
  • Serves as business owners for NIH HR systems including responsibility for systems risk management;
  • Provides a channel for OHR technical and customer relations personnel who seek guidance on IT challenges; and
  • Serves as NIH advocates for HR systems to ensure they meet NIH business and process needs.


HR SAID includes three branches and the Office of the Director:

HR SAID Office of the Director

  • Provides leadership and direction for all the programs within the division including project management guidance and oversight, customer relationship management, internal operations, administrative support, knowledge management, communications and change management.
  • HR SAID Senior Leadership Information
    • Director provides general oversight of the Division as well as relations with OHR and NIH.
    • Director oversees SSIMB and OD.
    • Deputy Director oversees WLSB and WAPOB.

Workforce Lifecycle Systems Branch (WLSB)

Carrol Stewman, Branch Chief

  • Coordinates with HHS and its Program Support Center (PSC) on all core/back office enterprise HR systems and Talent Management systems; serves as NIH advocates for these systems; collaborates with business process owners on core NIH HR systems; trains NIH users on these systems; leads OHR systems risk management efforts; leads OHR efforts to assure information security coordinates with HHS Office of the Secretary (OS) and the PSC and collaborates with NIH business owners on requirements analysis, selection, development, testing, implementation, deployment, and future enhancements for enterprise core and talent management systems.

Workforce Analytics and Process Optimization Branch (WAPOB)

Terrye Verge, Branch Chief

  • Develops and supports solutions to help the NIH & OHR refine, improve, and standardize business processes, and use workforce data to make better business decisions.
  • The Workforce Analytics (WA) Section supports HR data reporting activities (extraction, validation, interpretation, consultation and presentation) which facilitate data-driven decision making.  The Section manages the People Insights Program (PI), which provides a suite of tools for data visualization, data analysis and data discovery, the OHR’s Survey tool which collects data and information directly from target populations, and partners with SSIMB to manage the Performance Awards Reporting System (PARS), which automates the submission and review of performance ratings and awards.
  • The Process Optimization (PO) Section supports automation services including workflow technology and data integrations to optimize processes and leverage data from external sources.  The section manages the Workflow information Tracking System (WiTS), which tracks, monitors and reports on HR activities via automated workflows and the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Program, which uses software robots to emulate human interactions to perform repetitive and tedious tasks.  

HR Systems Support and Information Management Branch (SSIMB)

Kim Steadman, Branch Chief

  • Provides technical customer support through the HR Systems Support (HRSS) help desk, supporting the NIH workforce with over 15 HR systems as well as OHR websites and SharePoint sites and applications that are used only within NIH, HHS-wide, or across the Federal Government.
  • This branch also provides technical and functional support of the OHR web presence. This includes development, maintenance and support for the OHR website and all OHR SharePoint sites. Additionally, application development and support is conducted within this team.