WiTS Strategy Council (WiSC) Members

WiTS Strategy Council (WiSC)
Member Organization Phone
Branch Chief: Jody Young
Brooke Belldina-Ray
HR Specialist
CSD Branch A 301.402.5418
Thilibah Guytan
HR Specialist
CSD Branch A 301.402.3692
Branch Chief: Erin Bandak
Karen Harris
HR Specialist
CSD Branch B 301.435.5714
Melisa Miller
HR Specialist
CSD Branch B 301.435.5725
Branch Chief: Ed Langford
William Bryan
HR Specialist
CSD Branch C 301.435.3660
Chelsea Day
HR Specialist
CSD Branch C 301.594.3929
Branch Chief: Tammy McClure
Lavonne Washington
HR Specialist
CSD Branch D 301.594.3665
Susie Yi-Miller
HR Specialist
CSD Branch D 301.761.7051
Branch Chief: Bonnie Snyder
Christine Van Bemmel
HR Specialist
CSD Branch E 301.827.5747
Alex Trader
HR Specialist
CSD Branch E 301.435.4763
Branch Chief: MaryAnn Postorino
Nat Balsley
HR Specialist
CSD Branch F 301.909.3342
Erica Lafferty
HR Specialist
CSD/Branch F 301.594.2153
Branch Chief: Christine Centeno
Sara Valenzuela
HR Specialist
CSD Branch G 301.402.6736
Branch Chief: Melissa Smith
Brittany Williams
HR Specialist
CSD Branch H 301.435.5721
Shauntell Embrack
HR Specialist
CSD Branch H 301.435.5723
Branch Chief: Zenny Cammas
Darnesia Ross
HR Specialist
CSD Branch I 301.594.2288
Kierra Kenion
HR Specialist
CSD Branch I 301.402.8121
Branch Chief: Laura Stanek
Douglas Bruno
HR Specialist
CSD Branch J 240.406.8230
Ryan Gale
HR Specialist
CSD Branch J 240.671.0601
Branch Chief: Ann Nunan-Bavis
Thomas Brown
Benefits Specialist
WRD BPLB 301.402.4026
Branch Chief: Roman Lesiw
Leia Butler
ER/LR Specialist
WRD ER/LR 301.827.7129
Robin Turley
ER/LR Specialist
WRD ER/LR 301.451.4413
Caviaunce Phillips
ER Assistant
WRD ER/LR 301.451.3779
Olivia Aikins
Administrative Asst.
WRD ER/LR 301.451.2156
Branch Chief: N/A
Jeff Middlebrooks
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/DEU 507.645.2497
Meredith Sevi
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/DEU 301.402.7873
Kevin Fletcher
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/GRU 301.435.4768
Sandra Munoz-Cintron
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/GRU 301.443.2500
Brendan Gaughan
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/Metrics 301.827.4750
Scott Sigley
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/CU 941.426.3064 
Aurelie Eggert
HR Specialist
CSD - IOOB/IOU 301.594.1609
Branch Chief: Elena Juris
Shima Daneshpour
Mgmt. Analyst
WSDD 301.451.2082
Daniel Couturier
Mgmt. Analyst
WSDD 301.451.7302
Branch Chief: Jonathan Lappin
Linda Mongelli
HR Specialist
WSDD - WEB 301.222.7835
Branch Chief: Sharon Ballard
Allison Kruszewski
Mgmt. Analyst
OIMP - OD 301.443.5324
Branch Chief: Sarah Crowell
Cathy Gorman
Mgmt. Analyst
OIMP - EAB 301.443.0245
Branch Chief: Lisa Schneider
Jessica Watson
Admin Officer
OIMP - ASB 301.594.5856
Valery Desdunes
Admin Officer
OIMP - ASB 301.594.3861
Branch Chief: Lynnita Spears
Megan Goetz
HR Specialist
DSSEM 301.594.5059
Blair Battle
HR Specialist
DSSEM 301.451.2413
Fatun Hersi
HR Specialist
DSSEM 301.451.3231
Branch Chief: Sarah Hochuli (Title 5/Title 38 Compensation)
Esther Weiss
HR Specialist
CPD 301.594.2156
Sarah Hochuli
HR Specialist
CPD 301.451.7345 
Branch Chief: Wendy Winter (Chief,Title 42 Employment and Compensation)
Fran McDonnell
HR Specialist
CPD 301.827.5737 
Mimi Blitz
HR Specialist
CPD 301.402.9254 
Branch Chief: Jessica Hawkins
Megan McWilliams
Civil Program Specialist
Civil Program Team 301.435.5154
Jemma Robinson
Civil Program Specialist
Civil Program Team 301.451.9567

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