2022 NIH Workplace Civility and Equity Survey

The NIH Workplace Civility and Equity Survey (CES) provides the opportunity to confidentially share your experiences with workplace harassment and discrimination over the past 12 months. Your responses are valuable regardless of whether you’ve experienced harassment or discrimination. We want to hear from everyone!

The NIH Workplace Civility and Equity Survey has been built in partnership with OHREDI, and UNITE to assess the workplace climate and identify the prevalence of harassment and discrimination at NIH. The survey will be conducted once every three years and is open to all eligible staff. The results of the survey will help inform strategies towards an inclusive, diverse, and harassment-free NIH workplace.

The 2022 NIH Workplace CES will open in November.

Who is eligible to take the Workplace CES?

NIH federal employees, trainees, volunteers, and participating contractors onboarded on or before May 1, 2022.

Where do I find the Workplace CES?

Please check your email inbox for an email from the NIH Workplace CES Team with the following heading:

From: NIHWorkplaceCES@mail.nih.gov
Subject: 2022 NIH Workplace Civility and Equity Survey

How long is the survey open?

The survey will remain open for a six-week period.


To support this survey, Westat, a research firm in Rockville, MD, has been contracted by NIH to distribute the survey, collect responses, and present aggregated survey responses back to NIH. Your responses will be given an anonymous code that will prevent them from being linked to your name, email address or other personal information. Therefore, NIH does not have access to any individuals’ raw data.

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