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Administrative and Management Opportunities


Interested in learning the business-side of NIH?  Whether your interest is in budget/finance, project management, grants management, or human resources, the NIH offers unexpected opportunity in administrative and management careers. 

Expect the type of work to be challenging and aggressive, yet extremely rewarding. Rotation assignments will challenge you to adapt to different work environments, building new skills and strengthening existing competencies. Candidates will interact with senior executives and be able to make unique contributions, while gaining hands-on experience. After many months of intense evaluation, those selected are provided with opportunities to advance in a Federal public service career path.

The NIH has attracted highly motivated candidates who today hold various senior management positions at NIH. The NIH is dedicated towards playing an active role in sharing knowledge and expertise with the next generation of NIH managers and administrators who strive to improve the nation's health.

The Administrative Training Committee oversees the NIH Administrative Intern and Fellows programs including the Management Intern Program (MI), and the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF).

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