OHR Annual Report 2022

OHR is pleased to share the 2022 Annual Report for the NIH Office of Human Resources. Now more than ever, human resources professionals play a vital role in helping to cultivate and shape workplaces to adapt to today’s changing landscape.

Letter from the OHR Director

Julie Berko
Julie Broussard Berko
Director, Office of Human Resources

I am pleased to share the 2022 Annual Report for the NIH Office of Human Resources (OHR). Now more than ever, human resources professionals play a vital role in helping to cultivate and shape workplaces to adapt to today’s changing landscape. Our team here in OHR seized the opportunity to pave the path forward for the NIH workforce by intentionally exploring novel ways of working and delivering services.

In April 2022, OHR launched our Proof of Concept: OHR as an Agile Organization. We broadened our use of workplace flexibilities to make steps towards a future of work as a mostly virtual organization and we set out to measure our successes and lessons learned. Through a thorough assessment conducted with staff and customer input over a six-month period, we’re excited that our findings showed we can maintain a high-level of service delivery and customer support while we continue to build optimal employee engagement and organizational cultural norms that fit our new environment. I invite you to read more about the Proof of Concept on pages 8 and 9.

We delivered on our standing commitment to support the unique needs of the NIH workforce through the implementation of the new NIH Workplace Flexibilities Program and tools. Our workforce here at the NIH is very diverse (see page 5) and the expansion of the workplace flexibilities policy empowers our agency to expand our recruitment outreach efforts to talent across the country while continuing to support the current workforce who are leading and supporting critical research that improve health and save lives.

I am also proud of OHR’s involvement and leadership in diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) efforts across the NIH. I commend all of the OHR staff who represent our staffing and recruitment activities, training and employee engagement programs, policy development and data analysis for your contributions to various efforts with UNITE, the Anti-Racism Steering Committee and partners across NIH. Additionally, I invite you to read about OHR’s Strategic Plan efforts that had an internal focus of DEIA in the Progress section of the report.

OHR is consistently seeking ways to enhance the customer experience that is rooted in data driven decisions and leveraging technologies for process improvement. A major focus for us has been data literacy and analytics capabilities across the organization. The launch of the People Insights Analytics Portal (PIAP) and the ongoing OHR Data Boot Camp are great examples of ways we are empowering staff and building a data culture here in OHR. In 2022, we made remarkable progress in our process automation efforts seeing real time and cost-saving outcomes. The development of new apps has greatly improved efficiency and transparency of our service delivery across NIH.

I couldn’t be more appreciative of our OHR team who’ve worked so hard to discover innovative and strategic ways to define the future workplace for our PEOPLE, PARTNERS and PROGRESS. Together, we move forward.

Julie Berko signature

2022 Highlights

We're proud to share our accomplishments from 2022 and invite you to browse some of our highlights on the full report.

ohr as an agile organization
OHR as an Agile Organization

OHR has long been a leader in workplace flexibilities and has always embraced remote work. In April 2022, OHR launched the Proof of Concept: OHR as an Agile Organization. [page 8]

ohr annual report map
NIH's Distributed Workforce

In 2022, OHR saw a 13% increase in the number of remote hires and expects to continue to see a rise in this number moving forward. [page 7]

workforce analysis
Strategic Workforce Analytics

In 2022, OHR launched the Workforce Analytics Workbench (WAW) and Snapshot in Qlik Sense and the NIH Exit Survey Reporting Dashboard in the People Insight Analytics Portal (PIAP). [page 13]

ohr annual report tools and apps
HR Tools & Apps

In 2022, OHR launched 10 new apps designed to help OHR staff and NIH customers increase efficiency when responding to data requests. [page 15]

ohr annual report deia logo
Focus on NIH-Wide DEIA

In 2022, NIH leadership developed an NIH-wide strategic plan for DEIA and many areas of OHR’s work were closely connected to this plan. [page 18]

ohr annual report strategy for a data culture
Strategy for a Data Culture

In 2022, OHR launched the People Analytics Advisory Committee (PAC) and the People Analytics Liaisons (PALs) designed to involve OHR staff regardless of their role, experience, or background, who are interested in learning more about data and data-related efforts across the organization. [page 20]