What's in WiTS



  • Adminis​trative Requests – tracks a variety of administrative requests (building issues, travel, supplies, training, etc.).
  • Appointment – tracks activities related to bringing a new employee onboard.
  • Awards – tracks activities related to processing an award for an employee (Special Act or Service, QSI, Time Off, etc.).
  • Benefits – tracks the processing of an employee’s initial Benefits enrollment, open season, employee requests/inquiries, etc.
  • Career Changes – tracks the processing of move an employee into or out of a position (Promotions, Reassignments, Extensions, Conversions, Details, etc.).
  • Classification – tracks activities which define and establish the occupational series, title, and grade of a Federal position.
  • Class Offerings – tracks training classes that will be managed, approved and coordinated by the NIH Training Center.
  • Change in Work Schedule/Hours – tracks activities to change either the schedule or the hours that an employee is obligated to work.
  • Employee Relations Cases – tracks ER cases and their outcomes.
  • Employee Relations Consultations – tracks ER consultations provided to managers and employees.
  • HR Systems Access – tracks requests for new, modified, or deleted access to an HR system.
  • HR Systems Support – tracks the intake, troubleshooting and resolution of user HR system support requests
  • Labor Relations Cases – tracks LR cases and their outcomes.
  • Labor Relations Consultations – tracks LR consultations provided to managers, labor organizations and employees.
  • Leave Without Pay (LWOP) – tracks activities related to placing an employee in Leave Without Pay status.
  • Recruitment – tracks activities related to the process of recruiting to fill a vacant position(s).
  • Retirement Estimates/Processing - used to initiate an annuity estimate and process the retirement of an employee.
  • Return to Duty (RTD) – tracks the process of returning an employee to duty (placing them back in pay status after Leave Without Pay).
  • Request for Job Code/Position Number – tracks requests to create, modify, activate, or deactivate a Job Code and/or Position Number.
  • Senior Level Pay - tracks the process of coordinating NIH Committee review and Building 1 decision on position and pay cases for senior-level employees.
  • Separations – tracks activities related to separating an employee from service at the NIH.
  • Special Pay – tracks activities related to processing extraordinary pays (Retention Incentive, Student Loan Repayment Plan, etc.)
  • Title 42 Requests – tracks the process to appoint, convert, or extend a Title 42 employee or to start a new T42 (f) recruitment, convert an employee into T42 (f).


  • Age of Actions Dashboard: Used by CSD Leadership to track progress during pre-recruitment
  • DEU Dashboard: Used by the CSD’s DEU to assist in meeting goals related to DE vacancy announcements and certs
  • Entry-on-Duty (EOD) Dashboard: Used by staff across OHR involved in orientation and processing new appointments
  • ER Dashboards (3): Used by WRD Leadership to monitor all aspects of Employee Relations cases
  • Hiring Timeline Dashboards (2): Used by CSD staff to track progress toward three critical recruitment KPIs
  • HR Systems Support Dashboards (3): Used by HR SAID to monitor and track key systems support metrics
  • Time to Hire Dashboard: * Used by CSD Leadership and Institute/Center EOs to monitor Time-to-Hire data
  • WiTS Usage Dashboard: Used by HR SAID Leadership and the WiTS Project Team to monitor key metrics related to use of the system

* Authorized program business partners (customers) can directly access these reports online at no cost


Business Intelligence Information System (BIIS)

Bi-weekly import of position data to WiTS using standard reports and automated database jobs.

Capital HR (EHRP)

One way interface to WiTS for initiating recruitment actions and populating data fields related to recruitment requests. Bi-weekly import of employee and position data using standard queries and automated database jobs.

NIAID’s Awards and Recognition Processing System (ARPS)

Two way interface for submitting monetary awards to HR directly from the NIAID’s system via XML/web services.

NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) / nVision

One way programmatic interface to WiTS for retrieving employee information such as name, email, office address, phone number, and badge ID via webservices.

Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Tool for Human Resources (SMARTHR)

One way push of position management data from WiTS via linked server.


Recruitment and Appointment Related

  • Applicant Roster and Notification Report
  • Appointment Actions Report *
  • Appointment KPI Report
  • Classification Report *
  • Internal Classification Report
  • DEU Activity Report
  • Entrance on Duty Report (6)
  • Orientation Report *
  • Proactive Time to Hire Report
  • Recruitment Actions Report (5) *
  • Recruitment KPI Report
  • Strategic Hiring Data Report (3)
  • Timeliness of Recruitment Related Hiring Decisions *
  • Vacancy Announcement and Certificate Listing Report

* Authorized program business partners (customers) can directly access these reports online at no cost


  • Retirement Activity Report (5)
  • Benefits Activity Report
  • Proactive New Hire Benefits Processing Report

Training Center

  • NIHTC Class Offerings Report (3)
  • IAA Report

PAR Processing

  • Awards Report *
  • Details Report
  • Job Code /Position Number Report
  • Not to Exceed Report *
  • Proactive Final Authorizer Processing Report
  • Promotions Report *
  • Separations Report
  • Status Report *
  • OHR Administrative Requests Status Report

* Authorized program business partners (customers) can directly access these reports online at no cost

Employee Relations

  • Civil Status Report
  • ER Status Report
  • ER Case Summary Report
  • ER Case Report
  • ER Consultation Report
  • IC Civil Case Activity Report
  • NIH Staff History Report

Labor Relations

  • LR Status Report
  • LR Case Report
  • LR Consultation Report
  • LR Information Request Report
  • LR Negotiations Report
  • LR Negotiability Report
  • LR Negotiated Grievance Report
  • LR Representation Report
  • LR Unfair Labor Practice Report

Special/Senior-Level Pay Cases

  • Pay Summary Report *
  • Pay Adjustments Report *
  • Pay Incentives Report *
  • Pay Allowances/Supplements Report *
  • Senior Level Pay Activity Report *
  • Senior Level Pay KPI Report
  • NIH Committee Activity Reports (4)

* Authorized program business partners (customers) can directly access these reports online at no cost


  • HR Action Count Report
  • Workload Report (3)
  • CSD Workload and Optimization (6)

HR Systems Support/Access

  • HRSS Ticket Report
  • HRSS Tier Activity Report
  • System Access History by User and System
  • HRSS Audit Report (3)