WiTS Enhancements


WiTS system enhancements encompass the creation of new and/or modifications to existing workflows (and associated forms), reports, dashboards and organizational units that are requested by customer organizations based on their business needs.

  • Major enhancements must be reviewed, ranked and prioritized by the HR Systems Advisory Committee (SAC), and approved by the Deputy Director, OHR. SAC review is conducted at the beginning of each fiscal year, and any emergent enhancements are reviewed at subsequent SAC meetings throughout the year.
  • Minor enhancements are reviewed, ranked, prioritized, approved and scheduled by the WiTS Project Manager.  

The process

  1. Enhancement requests are received by the WiTS Team from customers via HR System Solutions (HRSS) Ticket (preferred) and email. 
  2. The WiTS Project Manager reviews these requests and determines whether they are to be considered major or minor. If the request is categorized as minor, the work is scheduled and completed as time allows. If the request is categorized as major, the WiTS Team initiates a series of meetings with the requestor to gather and finalize the requirements, complete the Change Request form and obtain signatures from the requestor(s).  
  3. After time and cost estimates are determined, the Team communicates these to the requestor and obtains his/her sign-off certifying the requestor understands and agrees with the estimated date of completion. When/if the request is prioritized by the SAC and approved by the OD/OHR, the work is scheduled and performed as time allows. 
  4. After the work is completed, the requestor signs off on the final Change Request document to signify that the product that they requested has been delivered.

Preparing system requirements

Developing accurate and complete requirements is a collaborative effort between the WiTS Team and the customer who is requesting the enhancement. This step in the process is critical to the ability of the Team to develop a product that works to meet the business need of the requesting organization.

WiTS change request forms