The Story of WiTS

Major milestones through the years

January 2003 – August 2003: As OHR consolidates into a centralized organization, leadership identifies the need for a tracking system.  A number of existing NIH systems and offerings from outside vendors are reviewed and rated by a group of OHR users, administrative staff and leadership – called the Functional User Group (FUG).

September 2003: BizFlow software is selected for the system’s platform. The new system is named the Workflow information Tracking System (WiTS) by the FUG.

October 2003: A pre-cursor to our current WiTS Super User Group, the Process Redesign User Group (PRUG) is created, consisting of HRA, HRS, and Administrative staff who are tasked with mapping current HR processes for inclusion in WiTS. WiTS is rolled out incrementally to CSD Branches in the following months.

December 2003: First WiTS HR Systems Support ticket is entered.

January 2004: First WiTS Recruitment/Selection action is entered.

November 2006: First set of WiTS reports are made directly available to IC staff online.  

July 2008: The first WiTS Online Tutorial is published.

January 2009: The PRUG is disbanded and replaced with WiTS Super User Group and WiTS Advisory Group (WAG).

September 2009: The first WiTS Retirement Estimate is submitted.

October 2009: CSSED is added to WiTS. Senior Level Pay workflow is launched, giving IC staff the ability to submit these cases online.

October 2010: WiTS interface with Capital HR (EHRP) is deployed. WiTS Recruitment forms, workflows and reports are modified to reflect new OPM Time to Hire goals (Hiring Reform).

April 2011: CSD’s Global Recruitment Unit is added to WiTS.

August 2011: CSD’s Delegated Examining Unit is added to WiTS.

September 2011: WiTS interface with USA Staffing is deployed.

March 2012: WiTS Report Subscription Service is launched.

September 2012: WRD’s ER Team is added to WiTS. ER Workflow and reports launched. Capital HR Lookup feature is added to ER forms.

March 2013: CSD’s Classification Unit is added to WiTS.

September 2013: WRD’s LR Team is added to WiTS. LR Workflows and reports launched; Capital HR Lookup feature is added to LR forms.

December 2013: WiTMAN is born.

February 2014: Capital HR Lookup feature is added to BPLB and CSD forms.   

May 2014: ORS’ DPSAC is added to WiTS. DPSAC workflow is launched.

August 2014: WiTS Profile and Security Redesign is deployed. User access configurations are changed to enable staff to work in multiple areas simultaneously and increase flexibility of user access.

February 2015: WiTS is configured to automate the HR Systems Audit process for NIH users.

April 2015: ADAM and OHR administrative staff are added to WiTS. OHR-wide Administrative Requests Workflow and Report are launched.

August 2015: Title 42 Request Tracking Pilot begins with NIDDK, NINDS, and NHLBI.

June 2016: WSDD’s NIH Training Center staff are added to WiTS. NIHTC Class Offering Workflow and Reports are launched.

July 2016: The WiTS Super User group is re-christened as the “WiTS Strategy Council (WiSC)” and shifts focus to emphasize collaboration with the Project Team on enhancements to WiTS components and on shaping system policy, procedures and communication efforts.

January 2017: The Division of Senior and Scientific Executive Management (DSSEM) is added to WiTS.

September 2018: The Civil Program Team is added to WiTS.