Who We Are

Getting to know the NIH Training Center Staff

NIH Training Center Team Photo

Keisha Berkley, Program Manager

Najah Brown, Receptionist

ShaRhaina Brown, Program Manager

Glenn Dempster, Technical Support Specialist

Keturah Dubar, Project Manager

John Edmond, Media Content/Web Specialist

Katy Glouchevitch, Training Coordinator

Rick Hawkins, Program Manager

Mo Hill, Training Coordinator

Katrina Hunt, Training Coordinator

Elena Juris, Director of the NIH Training Center

Barb LeClair, Deputy Director

Bob Michon, Program Manager

Keria Moorehead, Program Support Specialist

Michele Schwartzman, Program Manager

Danielle Sullivan, Program Manager

Albert Sun, Technical Training Coordinator

Pam Welbon, Unit Chief

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