Women in Leadership Program Alumnae Coaching Circles

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Developed for NIH graduates of the Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success series, this virtual program will allow you to continue to grow as a leader and benefit from the wisdom and insight of your peers. Each circle will consist of 16 women, facilitated by coaches and facilitators, Bethany Dufour and Tanara Bowie. You’ll be introduced to new leadership development content in a confidential, motivating environment. Join a circle and move beyond traditional training to explore real challenges and identify actions, ideas, resources, and strategies to make you a more effective leader at NIH.

These 1.5 hour virtual sessions take place on 7 non-consecutive days. Please click on the schedule for dates and times.

Key Topics

Virtual coaching circles include:

  • An introductory session to orient you to the process, meet your peers, and learn how to get the most from the program
  • A series of six, 1.5-hour virtual coaching sessions, drawing on topics introduced in the 3.5 day session you completed
  • Each session begins with a short centering practice to support bringing your full self to each session and to encourage greater mindfulness and self-awareness between sessions
  • Strategies and resources (including a workbook, reading list, and session notes from each meeting) to help you continue to work with concepts and skills that are most relevant to you
  • A wrap-up session designed to bring continued focus and support to your development as a leader


NIH leaders who have completed the Women in Leadership: Strategies for Success