Starting Your Leadership Journey - The Basics

Course Number

This course explores advanced leadership principles that support thinking, feeling, and acting your way into an effective leadership identity and brand. Whether you are clear about the kind of leader that you want to be, or still trying to find your way, this interactive experience meets the needs of emerging leaders at all levels. Warning - be willing to address your non-strengths, capitalize on your strengths, and step-up and lead.

Key Topics

At the end of this course, you will leave with a robust leadership skills toolbox designed to prepare individual contributors to step up and lead across a range of situations and circumstances. Be prepared to practice and explore communication strategies that get results. Gain ways to uncover your true leadership potential as you learn proven techniques to inspire, motivate, and develop others. You will also explore strategies to practice and apply these skills from your current position.


This course is available to Team Leaders and Non-Supervisors.

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