Success Strategies for Introverted Leaders

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Are you a manager who sometimes freezes up when asked tough questions on the spot? Do you prefer one-on-one conversations to boisterous meetings? Do you tend to do a deep dive into your work without sufficiently communicating your and your team's accomplishments? This hands-on seminar provides tools and techniques to help you discover your quiet strengths and apply them to make a meaningful impact on your organization. You'll learn how to manage your energy as an introvert, communicate in ways that best suit your personality, and get seen and heard to maximize your contributions. You will also receive a copy of the facilitator's book, Self-Promotion for Introverts as a resource.

Key Topics
  • Identify and use your quiet strengths as an introverted manager to your advantage and manage your energy efficiently (discover what recharges you; balance your social time with requisite time alone)
  • Communicate powerfully up, down, and sideways within the organization
  • Foster improved teamwork among introverted and extroverted team members and raise your and your team's visibility to increase recognition, retention, promotion potential


All NIH Employees

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