Health Insurance for Clinical Fellows

Welcome Clinical Fellows!

In this section you'll find information and tools to help you select a health insurance plan under the Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) program.

Your health insurance coverage is not automatic. You have 60 days from your effective date of hire to enroll in a federal health plan. The earlier you decide on your health insurance plan, the sooner your election coverage will begin!

How to submit

You'll need to complete and submit the following benefits forms:

Your submission date determines how you'll submit the forms:

For detailed submission instructions, see the Health Insurance Checklist.

Effective dates

Your health insurance is effective the pay period after you submit your paperwork. The earliest you may submit is your first day of employment -- don't attempt to submit prior to your first day.

The following table shows how soon you may receive health insurance based on your submission dates.

Health insurance effective dates
If you submit ... Your coverage begins ...
July 1 July 3
July 3 - 16 July 17
July 17 - 30 July 31
July 31 - August 13 August 14
August 14 - 27 August 28
August 28 - September 10 September 11

Virtual presentations

This is an opportunity to meet with the health plan providers and ask questions. You may attend in advance of your new hire effective date, attendance is optional.

The Benefits staff provides the following live webinar presentations weekly. 

New employee benefits enrollment

Benefits HRAs

For your first 60 days of employment, contact your Benefits Human Resources Assistant to submit and confirm receipt of your benefits enrollment forms.

Benefits Human Resources Assistants
First letter of your last name Your contact
A - J William Pinson
(301) 827-6038
K - S Chris Leiby
(301) 480-8620
T - Z
(and transfer from another government agency)
Matthew Dates
(301) 402-9614


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