Tips for Managing a Virtual Team

Create a Virtual Environment

  • Lead By Example – Show flexibility by teleworking.
  • Practice - Designate one team meeting a month as a virtual meeting.
  • Consider Virtual Technology – Office Communicator and teleconferencing can simplify business communications between ALL team members and customers. 
  • Team Unity – Include teleworkers during team building activities on their telework day by using virtual technology.  
  • Communications – Continue to stay connected and continue relationship building. 

Create a High-Performance Team

  • Create a Vision - Establish clear objectives for the entire team that communicate the business necessity and benefits of working virtually. 
  • Develop Team Norms - Create an open dialogue with team members to define teamwork processes, set performance standards, and establish expectations for customers and key stakeholders.
  • Be Results Driven – Review employee outputs to measure productivity based upon predetermined goals.
  • Be Consistent and Establish Expectations Early - Don’t let employees say, “I can’t do…. because I’m teleworking.” Telework is not an excuse.  Treat all employees equally!  
  • Build Trust – Use performance-based metrics, discuss best practices with the whole team, and address problems early. 
  • Emergency Preparedness – Communicate employee expectations when Unscheduled Telework/Unscheduled Leave is announced by OPM or NIH to ensure the office is prepared for all types of emergencies or non-emergencies.

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