Budget Process for Scientists and Science Administrators

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This 3 hour course is designed for Principal Investigators, Staff Scientists, and others involved in scientific programs (Intramural and Extramural) whose work may include budget management. Course content includes an overview of the federal budget process from formulation to execution and review, with an emphasis on how that process operates at NIH. The course includes an overview of budget-related appropriation and authorizing legislation at NIH, and highlights NIH initiatives in the current approved and proposed federal budgets. Participants will learn everyday NIH business terms, be introduced to activities that range from budget planning to fiscal year-end close out, and identify some of the budget-related activities that may directly affect your work at NIH. The course is intended to enhance your understanding of the federal budget process overall as it relates to NIH, rather detailing the specific budget processes unique to your IC.

Key Topics
  • Learn the federal budget process from formulation to execution
  • Identify key budget terms, requirements, and procedures
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of key budget management officials
  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of key budget supporting organizations
  • Know NIH budget support mechanisms, people, and systems that aid in budget execution
  • Recognize the different roles Administrative and Budget Officers play at the NIH
  • Learn strategies for projecting budgets and analyzing obligations


All NIH Employees