Purchase Card - Logs & Reconciliation

Course Number

This one day non-mandatory course is for current Purchase Cardholders and Card Approving Officials (CAOs) that have already completed the initial 3-day NIH Purchase card training (Course# NIHTC 9512) and have been provisioned as P-card Users (Cardholder) and/or P-card Approvers (CAO) in NBS. This course is a subset of Day 2 of the 3-day NIH Purchase Card Training and is intended to provide hands-on practice exercises, both independent and instructor-led, for how to create Purchase Card Log Entries and reconcile bank transactions in NBS. The course will not address purchase card orders over the micro-purchase threshold that are sent to PRISM for award. Additional information on this process and P-Card to PRISM can be found on the NBS Acquisition Portal under P-Card to PRISM Phase I.

IMPORTANT: This course is not equivalent to the Online Purchase Card Refresher training that is required annually for existing cardholders and CAOs by the Purchase Card Program Office.

Key Topics
  • Copy Log Entries and Change Field Information.
  • Match a Bank Transaction to a Log Entry
  • Change Field Information through Purchase Card Reconciliation.
  • Dispute a Bank Transaction.
  • Reconcile Bank Transactions.
  • Review Card Approver Reconciliation Responsibilities.


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