Bystander Training

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The NIH Bystander Training supports ICs with their Anti-Harassment Training
Plans. This live, 2-hour training focuses on equipping employees, at all levels, to transform culture by (1) preventing all forms of harassment, and (2) increasing supportive, positive interactions with the end goal of increasing safety, productivity, and retention of a diverse and talented workforce.

Each IC has determined what specific training it will uniquely approve to satisfy its Anti-Harassment requirements. Check with your supervisor about your IC’s Anti-Harassment Plan, to ensure that Bystander Training will count towards them.

Key Topics
  • Overview of NIH Agency-specific Goals
  • Description of Selected Forms of Harassment
  • The Solution
  • Recognizing Risk and Warning
  • Understanding Barriers
  • Intervening Using Multiple Strategies
  • Proactive Choices to Create a Climate of Respect
  • Call to Action

This course is for all NIH Employees.

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