Group Training/Closed Enrollment

Group Training/Closed Enrollment (IC Closed Enrollment Group Training)

There are two types of class offerings at the NIH Training Center (NIHTC): 

Closed Enrollment - Teaching in Action
  • Open Enrollments: Training attended by the NIH community and offers the benefit of networking with employees from all ICs.
  • Closed Enrollments: Offerings made available exclusively for an IC and their employees. Most courses in the NIHTC Course Catalog can be offered as closed enrollments.*

Is a Closed Enrollment right for my IC?

Consider the following questions before requesting a closed enrollment offering:

  • Have you checked the NIHTC Course Catalog for open enrollment offerings for your class of interest? 
  • Did you find an open enrollment offering of the class you are interested in? If there are no open enrollment offerings posted, did you reach out to the Program Manager for the schedule of future open enrollment offerings for that class?
  • Do you have a minimum of 15-20 employees to attend class? The size of your audience as well as a maximum number of employees attending varies per class.
  • Are you aware there is a cost associated with closed enrollment offerings, similar to open enrollment class tuition, which varies per course?
  • Did you know if requesting a Closed Enrollment/Group Training, you must allow at least eight (8-10) weeks lead time prior to allow enough time for scheduling and logistics?

If, after considering the items above, you determine that you would like to proceed with a FY24 Closed Enrollment before the July 8th deadline, please complete the Group Training/Closed Enrollment Inquiry Form. We will start reviewing FY25 Closed Enrollment requests on Oct 1st and a Training Center member will contact you to discuss your inquiry.

Not sure if a closed enrollment is right for your IC? Simply email us at to discuss your needs.

Closed Enrollment Deadline for FY24

Status Date

NIH Training Center Dates

EXPIRED Monday, 
July 8
Deadline to request a Closed Enrollment Class to be conducted in FY24

FY24 funds must be used for FY24 classes