Client Services Division (CSD)

Division Director: Joe Martin

Deputy Director: Lauren Tedesco

Deputy Director: Elan Ey

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Core HR advice, operational functions and services (in the areas of strategic recruitment, staffing, delegated examining, position classification, and Commissioned Corps) to NIH employees
  • Serves as the first and primary point of contact for IC managers, supervisors, and employees in the delivery of HR operational services
  • Interfaces with staff of the other OHR Divisions to provide for a full range of HR operational services to the ICs.


The Operations Branches of the CSD are comprised of 10 Branches (A through J) and 4 ancillary units – Classification and Position Management, Delegated Examining, Commissioned Corps Personnel, and Administrative Management.

The Operations Branches are the first point of contact for IC program managers and employees on issues of:

  • Recruitment and Placement
  • Pay Setting
  • Position Classification
  • Position Management
  • Compensation

The Internal Operations Oversight Branch (IOOB) provides core HR advice (as described above) to NIH employees; manages an extensive recruitment and outreach program to diverse talent specifically targeting veterans and individuals with disabilities; brands NIH and recruits for passive candidates through social media, career events, and partnering with colleges and universities; responds to oversight requests and develops internal standard operating procedures; provides quality and consistent reviews of requested special incentive awards; assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of CSD services; provides internal support to all CSD operations.  Units within IOOB include Global Recruitment, Corporate Recruitment, Delegated Examining and Classification.

CSD Branches
Branch Branch Chief IC Service
Branch A Jody Young NCI
Branch B Erin Bandak OD
Branch C Ed Langford ORS/ORF, OHR
Branch D Tammy McClure NIAID
Branch E Bonnie Snyder CC, NINR
Branch F Maryann Postorino (Acting) NIEHS, NIAAA, NIDA, NHGRI
Branch G Christine Centeno NIDDK, NINDS, CIT, NCCIH, CSR, OD-OCIO
Branch H Melissa Smith NICHD, FIC, NIBIB, NIDCD
Branch I Zenny Cammas NIDCR, NEI, NIA, NIAMS, NIMH
IOOB/Delegated Examining Unit (DEU) John Mays (Acting) All
IOOB/Global Recruitment Unit (GRU) Sharlis Anthony All
IOOB/Classification Unit John Mays All
IOOB/Corporate Recruitment Unit Mitzi Kosciulek All
IOOB/Commissioned Corps Tiffany Edmonds All