Task 8: How to get Involved

At the NIH, along with helping the world and the American public through your daily activities, there are additional opportunities available to you. The programs found on this page give you the possibility to use your unique talents in a different capacity. More information about each program and how to get involved are listed within this page. Please note that these activities and programs are voluntary. Approval may be required by any of the following: supervisor, IC, EO, or the OMS.

The FCD Program: 

HHS protects the American people from health threats and emerging diseases by mobilizing public health programs with domestic and international partners. No matter your role at NIH, you can contribute to HHS’s mission by becoming a Federal Civilian Detailee (FCD). FCDs volunteer for temporary assignments responding to humanitarian emergencies or Departmental priorities countering new and emerging health, safety, and security threats.

For more information, check out the FCD Program (HHS Intranet Only).