Task 2: Federal Benefits

Selecting your Federal benefits can be a difficult decision. We have several resources to help walk you through the process. Click on the link below that applies to you.

*Please note that if the orientation occurs on a Tuesday due to a Monday Holiday. The Transfer benefits presentation will start at 12:30 p.m. (EST) More information will be provided on the benefits resource page.

The Benefits Office provides a virtual workshop every other Tuesday to answer questions. You can also send an email to AskBenefits@NIH.gov.

NOTE:  New employees will not have health insurance coverage during the first pay period of employment due to pay and duty status requirements.  Enrollment in a health plan is effective the first day of a pay period after you submit your Federal Employee Health Benefits Election form (SF-2809) through USA Staffing Onboarding. Health insurance coverage cannot be applied retroactively.