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Plan Now for FY23 Deadlines

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What better way to use end-of-year funds than to invest in yourself and your team?  Coaching, individual development plan (IDP) workshops, and courses are excellent resources to help you and your team remain effective, productive, and engaged. Keep these FY23 deadlines in mind as you plan for the end of the FY.

8/01 Last day to renew an existing Executive Coaching agreement with two or fewer hours remaining (The last day to submit a new coaching agreement was July 7.). Notify Keisha Berkley of your interest.
8/01 Last day to request an IDP workshop or a closed enrollment/group training to be conducted in FY23.
9/01 Last day for all student registrations in a September 2023 NIHTC open enrollment course to be approved by managers and administrative officers in the Learning Management System (LMS) with a valid CAN.
9/06 Last day for students to drop a September 2023 NIHTC open enrollment course.

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