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NIH Leadership and Career Development Program Updates

The NIHTC has opportunities to advance your leadership skills and build a strong network across the NIH. We’ve outlined the timeframes for upcoming calls for nomination for our leadership and career development programs. Let your supervisor know if you want to be considered for one of the program opportunities below, before the call for nominations goes out to Executive Officers.

Management Seminar Series (MSS)

The MSS provides administrative and scientific staff an opportunity to obtain and/or enhance management and leadership skills through presentations, interactive activities, and open discussions. 
Target Audience: NIH employees at the GS-7–12 levels, NIH Management Interns, Presidential Management Fellows, and non-supervisory GS-13 NIH employees. 
Nomination Period: The 2024 MSS call for nominations will begin in fall 2023. Monitor the MSS website for updates. 

NIH Mid-level Leadership Program (MLP) 

The MLP is a multifaceted program that builds a bridge between senior leadership and junior staff with a focus on self-awareness, collaboration, and strategic business acumen. 
Target Audience: GS-12, 13, 14, and equivalent leaders. 
Nomination Period: The 2024 MLP call for nominations will begin in summer 2023. Monitor the MLP website for updates.

NIH Senior Leadership Program (SLP)

The SLP addresses the five Senior Executive Service (SES) executive core qualifications (Leading Change, Leading People, Results Driven, Building Coalitions/Communications, and Business Acumen) and active, applied leadership skills at the organizational level. 
Target Audience: GS-14/15, SES, and equivalent leaders. 
Nomination Period: The 2024 SLP call for nominations will begin in fall 2023.  Monitor the SLP website for updates.

NIH Executive Leadership Program (ExLP)

The ExLP offers leaders an opportunity to refine their leadership skills with a small cohort of high-performing NIH executives. 
Target Audience: Aspiring or existing “Top 6” leaders at NIH (GS-15, SES, and equivalent leaders). 
Nomination Period: Recruitment for the 2024-2025 session will begin January 2024 and the program will be launched next summer. Monitor the ExLP website for updates.

Visit the MSS and the NIH Continuum of Leadership websites to see which program is the right choice for you. If you have questions about NIH Leadership and Career Development Programs, please contact Pam Welbon, Programs Unit Chief.