Pride Month 2023

Pride Month Flag

June is Pride Month which celebrates the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community and commemorates the ongoing pursuit of equal justice. Every year, the recognition of Pride Month grows to include many more allies and supporters from outside the LGBTQ community and provides opportunities to show support, observe, listen, and be educated.

Developing allyship for the LGBTQ community across the NIH is one of the most critical efforts that can help make the NIH a more inclusive environment for all staff, contractors, and trainees. Making strides towards enhancing empathy, awareness, and understanding will contribute to an environment where everyone in NIH can feel safe and thrive!

Please visit the OD Anti-Harassment page and NIH EDI Communities page to learn more about allyship in the workplace. Also, please see a message from our EDI Strategist regarding Pride Month 2023 and activities for the NIH community. Additionally, please see the list of upcoming events hosted by the NIH Sexual and Gender Minority Research Office.