What kinds of things should I call Civil about?

You can call about any behavior you find upsetting, disruptive, or potentially violent. This includes:

  • sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual advances
  • concerns about yourself or a colleague whom you think may be considering harm to self or others
  • unwelcome verbal or physical conduct that creates a work environment that is hostile, intimidating, or offensive
  • disruptive or concerning behavior
  • worries about domestic violence spilling over into the workplace
  • threatening behavior or threatening statements, such as, “someone will pay for that” or “that’s what causes people to bring in guns or go postal. “

In instances where violence is imminent, first:

  • Secure your personal safety and that of others
  • Call the NIH or local police by calling 911 (or dial 9, then 911 if you are off campus).