What is Civil?

Civil is a team of NIH experts that promotes civil behavior in the NIH workplace.

  • The phone number is 301-40-“C-i-v-i-l” or 301-402-4845; TTY at 301-402-9499.
  • Civil is a place to call if you have questions or concerns about harassing, intimidating, or threatening workplace behaviors.
  • The Civil Response Team draws upon its membership from many NIH resources, including management; Employee and Labor Relations; the Office of the Ombudsman; the Employee Assistance Program; the NIH Police; the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and others, to help prevent or respond to situations involving harassment, bullying, intimidation, threats, or violence.
  • To ask questions or share concerns regarding the NIH Civil Program or if you would like a presentation tailored to meet the needs or your organization, please contact:

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