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Learning and Development in a Hybrid Workplace

As many employees at NIH transition from maximum telework to a hybrid (combination of in-person and virtual) work schedule, learning and development professionals must continue to monitor and adapt to the training needs of the workforce. We continually monitor best practices and use data to ensure we provide you with an optimal experience in all of our courses and programs. 

We offer the following courses to help work and lead in a hybrid workplace: 

Hybrid Work Graphic

We will offer new courses in the next fiscal year to help manage these challenges in FY23. Our upcoming NIH Training Collaborative Forum will connect training liaisons from across NIH to also discuss and brainstorm hybrid training strategies. Meanwhile, the NIH Training Center will offer a variety of virtual and blended learning (combining in-person and virtual) options for our customers, to meet our customers’ needs.  

Leading, working, and learning in this new format is a challenge not just for us at NIH, but across all sectors globally. An article from the eLearning Industry identifies some interesting trends. Visit A Robust Workplace is Indeed a Hybrid One for details.  

As always, the NIH Training Center Staff are here to support you and to ensure that employees, throughout ALL of our Institutes and Centers, have the skills and are prepared to do the important work we all do - each and every day.