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Congratulations NIH Intern and Fellows Program Graduates! 

We are delighted to recognize our 2022 Class of Management Interns (MI) and Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) as they prepare to graduate and convert to their new positions throughout the NIH. Over the past two years, our interns have successfully overcome the challenges of remote work. The rotations they’ve held at various offices across NIH have prepared them for the next steps in their careers. They have the skills, knowledge, and experience – they are ready! Congrats to all!

2022 Management Interns
Quinn Cassidy
Laura Cramp
Brian Leggs
Meghan Rudd
Wanda Wheeler

2022 Presidential Management Fellows
Aaron Anderson
Joseph Engels
Elise Garton
Rebecca Hardesty
Linda Ho
Shadab Hussain
Ari Joffe
Cristina Nigro
Mason Scott
Mark Sellers
Mujaahida Shakur
Mackenzie Zendt

For details and information about the MI Program, visit the MI Program Website or contact Rick Hawkins. For details and information about the PMF Program, visit the PMF Program Website or contact ShaRhaina Brown.

2022 Management Interns and Presidential Management Fellows
Photos top to bottom and left to right: Meghan Rudd, Wanda Wheeler, Laura Cramp, Quinn Cassidy, Brian Leggs, Mackenzie Zendt, Ari Joffe, Mark Sellers, Elise Garton, Shadab Hussain, Joseph Engels, Cristina Nigro, Aaron Anderson, Linda Ho.