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Retirement Preparation – It’s Never Too Early to Plan

Have you heard from colleagues how much they learned in one of the NIH Training Center’s pre-retirement preparedness workshops? Many participants in our pre-retirement classes express how they wished they had taken such a course earlier in their careers. Take this opportunity now to talk with your supervisor and register soon. The NIHTC offers a one-day workshop for NIH staff who are two to five years into their federal career and are seeking a much richer understanding of their FERS benefits. This workshop, Leveraging FERS Benefits for Early-Career Employees Workshop, covers topics key to the early federal careerist: 

Retirement Planning
  • Understanding the Federal benefits package 
  • The 3-tiered retirement plan (FERS, TSP, Social Security) 
  • Early understanding of what comprises creditable service 
  • Reviewing leave, healthcare, and life insurance benefits  
  • Exploring components of wise financial planning 
  • Understanding the TSP – funds, allocation, Roth TSP

Get your supervisor’s approval and register ASAP!