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Thank You for Learning with Us in 2021  - Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2022

2021 was a unique and unprecedented year for us all. We began and ended the year amid a global pandemic. We’ve had to adapt to new ways to engage, communicate, lead, and learn to help us meet NIH’s important and urgent mission.  

Our training and development programs have been virtual throughout 2021 and will likely continue through at least the first quarter of 2022. While many of us have experienced some virtual fatigue at times, so many of our course participants have expressed how valuable and convenient virtual courses are. The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) has experienced a surge of interest in our virtual courses, programs, and coaching services. We are delighted that you continue to entrust us with your technical and professional development.

NIH Training Center Staff Virtual Photo
NIHTC Training Center Staff

If you are new to NIH or have never utilized any of our services, we encourage you to explore our full range of offerings. Here's where you can learn more about the NIH Training Center.  

For our repeat customers, we look forward to a continued partnership with you. NIHTC served more than 12,000 learners last year – not even including all those who tune in for our DDM Seminar Series. We delivered 544 classes, including both those open to individual enrollment and those customized for your IC’s group training and programs. We also coordinated an unprecedented 192 executive and team coaching engagements, and 10 leadership program series, as well as supporting high performers through our career and professional development programs and seminars.

Learning and development are more important now than ever as we continue to adapt to change. May you achieve all your professional career goals in 2022. Here’s to a safe, happy, and healthy new year!

The NIHTC Has You Covered If You Manage Virtual Or Hybrid Teams

Managing Virtual Teams

Are you a team leader or supervisor concerned about how to manage a hybrid or permanently virtual team in the future? Rest assured, the NIH Training Center’s offerings on supervisory and leadership engagement have been continually adapted to address the needs of a shifting workforce – whether virtually, in-person, or soon in a hybrid environment. The curriculum in several key courses below addresses skills and scenarios relevant to managing a hybrid or virtual workforce. Don’t delay-register today! 

We Are Intentional about Your Professional Development – Are You?

At the NIH Training Center, we offer ways to help NIH employees proactively think about training and how the courses we offer can help meet professional and personal goals.

This year, we are excited to launch a course schedule to help you map out your professional development learning plan according to topic. Targeted weeks throughout the year will be devoted to specific course topics. Perhaps you want to focus exclusively on communications, interpersonal skills, or so on. Take courses in a specific topic, or mix-and-match for a customized experience. To help you reinforce and follow up on what you’ve learned, we’ll offer brief pre-scheduled check-ins with selected class instructors, all as part of your registration package!

Please see the 2022 schedule below. We hope this new framework will help you establish your 2022 Individual Development Plan (IDP). Courses with bonus follow-on sessions are marked with an asterisk.

We look forward to helping you learn, develop, and grow this year!

“Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought after with ardor and diligence”

Abigail Adams


(Written and Oral)







See Our Professional Development Options

Fast-track Your Career with the Management Intern Program  

Management Intern Program Candidates

The NIH Management Intern Program vacancy announcement will be posted in USAJOBS from March 14-18 2022. The NIHTC is recruiting a few outstanding NIH employees to participate in a competitive two-year internship program. 

As a Management Intern (MI), you will gain insight into the administrative career opportunities and develop a robust professional network of colleagues by rotating across the NIH. Please keep an eye out for MI Information Sessions in February 2022. For more information, visit the NIH MI Program website.

Presidential Management Fellows Recruit

PMF Recruitment is Underway!

The Office of Human Resources (OHR), Global Recruitment Unit (GRU) is gearing up for its next global recruitment initiative for the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program. The announcement features PMFs who are available for placement in key roles across NIH. The hiring announcement will be open January 10-14. 

If your office is not quite ready to invest in hiring a PMF at this time, as a preview to the PMF program, you may invest in PMFs from other agencies to complete a 3–6-month rotation at your NIH office. Or PMFs can potentially begin their careers at the NIH and then transfer to an external agency. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to gain a temporary employee in your office with low-risk and no-cost, that is unless you decide to hire.

One amazing PMF success story is Cristina Nigro, who worked at the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and completed her Developmental Rotation here at the NIH and enjoyed it so much that she was reappointed and plans to convert at the NIH in the Spring.

If you do not have a current opportunity in your office/division, please share this wealth of information with others in your network and together, let’s watch OUR NIH flourish! 

If you have questions or to post rotation opportunities on the PMF/MI SharePoint Site, please contact ShaRhaina Brown.

April 6th - Save the Date: NIH Training Expo! 

NIH Training Expo

Learning is a key element to career success. NIH recognizes that to advance science, it is essential that our employees be trained and prepared at all times. The NIH Training Expo is designed to assist employees and help take the guesswork out of where to find training at the NIH.

Partnering together for this virtual event are the NIH Training Center (NIHTC), Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES); Center for Information technology (CIT), Office of Extramural Research (OER), NIH Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NiTAAC), National Library of Medicine (NLM), and nVision offices.- Each NIH-wide training provider will share an overview of their training portfolio and conduct a Question and Answer session. Additional information and a link to register for the event will be posted on our NIHTC news site by the end of March.

2022 NIH Training Needs Assessment: Time to Hear from YOU 


Two years have flown by! Lots of things have happened since 2020. We are pleased that one thing remains steady, the 2022 NIH Training Needs Assessment (TNA). You may recall, the 2020 TNA was a scaled down version from previous assessments in that we narrowed the pool of participants to employees that attended an NIH Training Center (NIHTC) class between FY17 thru FY19. As we prepare for the 2022 TNA, we will gather the data creatively. The NIHTC will conduct focus groups with IC Points of Contact and utilize polls to ask a few questions in select NIHTC virtual classes. Our TNA is scheduled to occur between January and June of 2022. Stay tuned!

2022 Deputy Director for Management (DDM) Seminar Series –
Time-Sensitive Viewing!

Nataly Kogan

We hope you were able to join us for the first DDM Seminar on December 9 that featured Nataly Kogan sharing practices for “Leading Yourself through Change and Uncertainty.” If you have not yet seen that seminar, we encourage you to watch the archived videocast as soon as possible since that recording will only be available to NIH through February 4. Please go to our “Past Seminars” page to find that and other past seminars of possible interest to you.

The FY22 Series continues with seminars on February 3, April 7, and June 16. Please mark your calendars. Participants attending the DDM will receive 1.5 hours of supervisory refresher credits per event. In addition, participants can submit an entry into FAITAS to receive 1.5 CLPs for FAC-COR, FAC-C and FAC-PPM re-certifications. As always, you can find the full schedule for the virtual DDM Seminars at

Retirement Preparation – It’s Never Too Early to Plan

Have you heard from colleagues how much they learned in one of the NIH Training Center’s pre-retirement preparedness workshops? Many participants in our pre-retirement classes express how they wished they had taken such a course earlier in their careers. Take this opportunity now to talk with your supervisor and register soon. The NIHTC offers a one-day workshop for NIH staff who are two to five years into their federal career and are seeking a much richer understanding of their FERS benefits. This workshop, Leveraging FERS Benefits for Early-Career Employees Workshop, covers topics key to the early federal careerist: 

Retirement Planning
  • Understanding the Federal benefits package 
  • The 3-tiered retirement plan (FERS, TSP, Social Security) 
  • Early understanding of what comprises creditable service 
  • Reviewing leave, healthcare, and life insurance benefits  
  • Exploring components of wise financial planning 
  • Understanding the TSP – funds, allocation, Roth TSP

Get your supervisor’s approval and register ASAP!

Bystander Intervention Training 

Fed HR

Over the past two years, ICs have worked with the Training Center to provide bystander intervention training to their employees on a closed enrollment basis, specifically for their teams. The NIHTC will now offer an open enrollment Bystander training in March, to help with ongoing training needs for new employees as well as serve other continuous training demands. The two-hour Bystander course supports IC Anti-harassment Plans and will be offered virtually. Click the link to register today: Bystander Training – March 29, 2-4PM.

Stay tuned for a Bystander for Supervisors course to be launched this summer. 

Course Calendar

Please take a moment to visit our Course Calendar for more in-depth class details and up-to-date scheduling.

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