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Management Seminar Series Going Strong!

The 2023 Management Seminar Series (MSS) kicked off in February with more than 250 participants from 21 ICs across NIH. This year’s MSS schedule includes six two-hour monthly seminars created and presented by MSS Coordinators and Advisors who are former MSS participants, NIH Management Interns, and Presidential Management Fellows. Seminar topics include Emotional Intelligence, Developing Belonging, Change Management, Improving Quality and Productivity, Managing Up, and Leadership Values. Participants will additionally work together in breakout sessions and conclude with a networking event in August.

The NIH Training Center is also happy to announce that a collaboration with the Office of Research Services (ORS) has enabled shift workers to more easily participate in this year’s MSS.

The MSS is a foundational building block for career development and cross-IC networking at NIH for GS 7-13 non-supervisory employees. If you or a member of your team is looking for an affordable, multi-layered program to engage with NIH professional development opportunities, check out this program now - before the call for nominations is solicited of Executive Officers this October.

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Visit the MSS website for more information or contact Rick Hawkins with questions.