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Introducing the eCatalog

The NIH Training Center is launching a comprehensive, easy-to-use eCatalog. Our online course catalog has been the primary tool for students to find courses, and now the eCatalog provides another way for students to explore available courses and view relevant class information all in one place. 

Features of the eCatalog:

NIHTC eCatalog Cover Image
  • Get the big picture – Our classes are packaged into a single document for easy viewing of classes offered at the NIHTC.
  • Browse by topic – The classes are organized by topic area so you can quickly find courses that align to your role or interests.
  • Interactive – Find a course you want to take? Click the course title to take you to our live web registration site.
  • Download and share – Save a copy for offline viewing. Bookmark courses of interest. Share with your supervisor during performance and development discussions.

We would love to hear from you! For more information about the eCatalog or to provide feedback, please reach out to