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Students Return to NIHTC Classrooms

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The NIH Training Center (NIHTC) buzzed with excitement as students arrived to attend onsite training classes in March. NIHTC staff and students were in high spirits, and several commented that it was nice to attend training in person again. Mid-level Leadership Program (MLP) attendees were able to connect with other members of their cohort who, until recently, they had only met virtually. The Basic ITAS for Timekeepers class was well-attended, and the class evaluation showed that most students recommended that the class continue to be delivered in person. One student commented: “It was great to be back in training in the classroom with so many people in different roles and ICs. I think it was good for our mental health. It gives a sense of hope for the future and things returning to somewhat normal.” We couldn’t agree more!

If you plan to attend a class onsite, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with NIHTC locations, transportation, parking, and amenities. The NIHTC has two locations—White Flint and Natcher Conference Center. 

We recommended that you plan your trip ahead of time and allow additional time before class to navigate to the building. The NIHTC is excited to welcome students into our classrooms again and we are here to answer questions you may have. 

We listen to you. The classes listed online with in-person options are those in which customers have previously expressed interest. We’ll continue to offer virtual training, with select in-person options that are in demand—much like we have provided for our development programs. Browse our course calendar for onsite classes or reach out to for more information.