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REI “Groundwater” Seminar Available Now

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In partnership with the UNITE Initiative, the NIHTC worked to bring the Racial Equity Institute’s (REI) Groundwater Seminar to the NIH. This 1.5 hour seminar took place on August 13th and is now available to all NIH employees to view as an NIH videocast. The NIHTC has featured REI’s “Groundwater” training in the Senior Leadership Program (SLP) for over three years. REI has also facilitated trainings to the NIH Senior Leadership Team, UNITE Initiative members, members of the NIH Anti-Racism Steering Committee, and members of NIH’s Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Employee Resource Groups. The seminar elaborates on REI’s “Groundwater” metaphor and framework to explain the nature of racism as it currently exists in the United States. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to view the seminar.