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NIHTC Professional and Leadership Development Program Updates

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If you’re ready to advance your leadership skills to the next level and build a strong network across NIH, consider your options through the NIH Training Center. Opportunities to participate are around the corner this fall and winter:

  • The Management Seminar Series (MSS) has set its 2022 schedule, complete with extra breakout sessions to connect with colleagues. The MSS 2022 call for nominations through NIH Executive Officers (EOs) will emerge in late October.
  • The Mid-level Leadership Program (MLP) FY22 series are currently on hold while contractual arrangements are being resolved. Rest assured, status updates will be posted to the program webpage and updates shared with primary MLP contacts and NIH leadership, before a call for nominations is distributed to EOs. Thank you for your patience and flexibility.
  • The 2022 call for the Senior Leadership Program (SLP) nominations will be announced to EOs by early October. All SLP sessions ran at full capacity in a virtual environment in 2021. In 2022, we will kick off with a virtual session and deliver subsequent sessions in formats that align with HHS and NIH policy. If you’d like to participate in the 2022 SLP, visit our Continuum of Leadership Programs site to learn more about all of our leadership programs to determine if the SLP is right for you, and talk with your supervisor.
  • The NIH Executive Leadership Program is currently in the contract re-compete phase. We look forward to announcing our learning partner for this esteemed program and starting recruitment in February. If you are an existing “Top 6” leader, this program is an excellent resource! Stay tuned for details about the 2022-2023 session.