Continuous Learning Points (CLPs)

About CLPs

Do you know how many NIH Training Center courses qualify for CLPs that pertain to important certifications and training mandates? The NIH Training Center collaborates with partners within NIH and HHS to ensure that courses align with your learning needs, so that you can maintain the necessary skill sets and permissions to perform your job.

Below please find links to guidance on the most pressing training requirements affecting a wide range of NIH employees. For each requirement, the NIH Training Center has obtained approval for specific NIHTC courses to qualify for necessary CLP’s. Credits, applied upon course completion, are tracked in each student's individual transcript in the LMS.

Many CLP needs are also satisfied by NIHTC courses when evaluated on a case-by-case basis, in coordination between the employee and the specific training mandate business owner. In many cases, the IC leadership or Executive Officer will provide the final determination of how a training course fully or partially satisfies a given requirement. In these cases, it is helpful for the employee to provide the course overview and list of learning objectives to the appropriate IC or certification-related authority.