I am a Contracting Professional (FAC-C)

Contracting officers are those individuals who are authorized to obligate the Government to the expenditure of funds for contracts and orders with dollar values that exceed (or are expected to exceed) the micro-purchase threshold.

Certification Requirements

Associated Training

FAC-C Level I

FAC-C Level II & III

*Note that completion of Buyer Contracts is required to obtain a warrant and be provisioned in NBS. Online LMS Course # 00136823

Re-Certification Requirements

** RE-CERTIFICATION Reminder: 80 hours of CLPs are required every 2 years to maintain FAC-C certification to include Federal Appropriations Law Refresher.

Acquisition Flash 2022-01

The New Continuous Learning Period Video provides an overview of the new common CL period for the acquisition workforce.

Common CL Period FAQs video answers questions in response to a series of inquiries from the workforce 

CLP Dashboard


Submit a Question to the Acquisition Career Program, OALM/ACP: ACP@od.nih.gov

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