LMS Tip Sheets

LMS Tip Sheets for New Supervisory Training Requirements

Manager/Supervisor Tip Sheets

Here are some existing LMS tips sheets for supervisors, managers, and those who will be tracking new and refresher supervisory training. New supervisory training will be tracked and reported through an excel spreadsheet for calendar year 2010. In future years, tracking and reporting will be done through the LMS.

For the New Supervisor:

For the Manager/Tracker:

Helpful LMS Reports

Report Title About Who Should Run this Report
My LMS Administrator Report Find your LMS Local Learning Registrar to have classes completed outside of the LMS added to your transcript.  All LMS Users
NIH NBS Transaction Report View financial information about your employees'
registrations in NIHTC classes.
Managers and Supervisors
NIH Transcript Report Retrieve a copy of your transcript. All LMS Users
NIH CLP Transcript Report Run a report on classes with CLPs (e.g., Supervisory CLPs or Acquisition CLPs). LMS Users, Managers and Supervisors, LMS Admins