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Plan Now for FY21 Deadlines

It’s hard to believe the end of FY21 is approaching. What better way to use end of year funds than to invest in yourself and your team? Courses, coaching, and leadership development programs are excellent resources to help you and your teams remain effective, productive and engaged. Plan early and prepare!

July 30: Coaching Engagements
Deadline to submit a new coaching form to the NIH Training Center
August 6: Coaching Renewals

Deadline to notify Keisha Berkley at of your intent to renew an expiring/expired coaching request with your existing coach.

August 6: Closed Enrollment Classes
Deadline to request a closed enrollment course for your IC.
September 7: Open Enrollment Classes
Deadline for all student registrations to be approved by their managers and administrative officers in the Learning Management System (LMS) with a valid CAN.

You can view upcoming NIHTC courses in whatever format works for you! We have a Course Calendar and a list of all the NIH Training Center Courses.

Nominate a DDM Seminar Series Speaker

What a wonderful year we enjoyed of Deputy Director Management Speakers (DDM) in FY22. From Cy Wakeman sharing how to cut the cost of drama, to Nick Morgan providing considerations for connecting in a virtual world, to Rishi Manchanda discussing moving upstream to care for the whole person, we finished the season with Janet Stovall sharing her insight on diversity and inclusive communications. All seminars were delivered virtually.

The Deputy Director from Management (DDM) invites you to submit speaker nominations for this next 2021-2022 DDM Seminar Series (DDM SS). Let’s aim for another stellar year of timely and provocative speakers to inspire our NIH community of leaders. Nominations are open from July 1 through July 31, 2021. Please nominate a great speaker today!

Dr. Rishi Manchanda | Thursday, April 29, 2021
“Moving Upstream: Whole Person Care and the Social & Structural Drivers of Health Equity"

DDM Screenshot
Julie Berko, Director, OHR; Jill Gaffey, Executive Officer, CIT; and Dr. Alfred Johnson, Deputy Director for Management

Increased Availability in Acquisitions Classes

Summer is here and the demand for the Federal Appropriations Law Refresher is sizzling hot. This course is now required for all Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) and Contract Specialists in the 1102 job series per the NIH Acquisition Career Program. To accommodate your learning needs, we’ve added seats to all upcoming Q4 virtual sessions.

Visit Federal Appropriations Law Refresher to register and attend. If you have questions, please contact Kim Doherty at

Demand for NIHTC Classes Grows Each Year

We are humbled to serve more employees each year. This means we are meeting our mark by offering exceptional courses and services. Thank you for trusting us with your learning and development needs.


Top 6 Reminders about the NIHTC LMS Registration Process

Dont Forget
  1. Students register to attend an NIH Training Center course by clicking on the “Register” button located on the course description page.  This becomes a Learning Management System(LMS) training request.
  2. All LMS training requests are sent to the waitlist pending approvals.
  3. LMS training requests are approved by both the Manager and Administrative Officer (AO) and include a valid Common Accounting Number (CAN).
  4. Fully approved orders are moved to the course roster at the top of each hour if space is available.
  5. If the CAN is not valid or another error exists, the AO will receive a daily reminder to add a CAN or correct the error.
  6. Approvals and calendar confirmations are sent to students once enrolled. 

Watch our video to learn more or visit our Course Registration page.

*Don’t worry about being added to a course waitlist- this is a standard notification you’ll receive.  Space is most likely available!

Congratulations, ExLP Graduates

Recently, we had 20 participants from 18 ICs complete the 7-month, NIH Executive Leadership Program.  Congrats to our graduates!  Approximately 160 NIH aspiring and existing Top 6 leaders have completed the program.  Nominations for the 2022-2023 program will be accepted in February 2022. 


Interested in More NIH Leadership Programming? We’ll reach out to Executive Officers in October 2021 to solicit nominations for new sessions of the Senior Leadership Program and Mid-level Leadership Program to begin in FY 2022. As always, let your supervisor know if you want to be considered for a leadership development learning opportunity.

Hybrid Training Up Ahead!


Are you excited to take a class in-person again in FY22?  After extensive review of customer feedback over this past year, the NIH Training Center plans to offer a variety of in-person and virtual training in FY22 after NIH Group D returns to the workspace. For those who prefer in-person, we’ll have you covered, and for those who prefer virtual, we’ll continue to offer the seamless virtual training we’ve provided since March 2020.  You’ll have the option for virtual or in-person for most courses. Our leadership development programs will return to an in-person default when the time comes, with hybrid options mixed in as appropriate.

Rest assured when we return to the NIH Training Center (both our Natcher and White Flint locations), we will make sure all of the necessary precautions are in place to ensure you have a safe and comfortable experience. 

Send us an email at and let us know what you need most in an in-person learning experience.  We value your input and look forward to seeing you!

Welcome to the NIH Intern Class of 2023


A new class of NIH Presidential Management Fellows (PMFs) and Management Interns (MIs) starts in July 2021. The two-year PMF Fellowship is a highly competitive OPM program that attracts talented candidates into public service for the first time, while the two-year MI Program plucks promising talent from within the existing NIH workforce. The incoming class will include 15 PMFs and one new MI this year.

Interns and Fellows work in various NIH offices, serving in rotations in a broad range of administrative areas, including budget and finance, grants management, contracts management, human resources, and management/program analysis, as well as information technology. Rotational opportunities provide on-the-job training with exposure to leadership. Interns and fellows also play a role in the NIHTC preparations for NIH-wide programming such as the DDM Seminar Series and Management Seminar Series, and they have been known to support many NIH working groups during their time.

If you are interested in an extra hand and providing NIH talent with developmental opportunities, please consider posting rotations and projects on the NIH Training Center’s Intern & Fellow SharePoint site.

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